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Directions issued by Supreme Court of India in respect of sexual abuse/assault of minor child. In a Recent Judgement by Supreme Court of India, in the matter of  “Shankar Kisanrao Khade vs. State of Maharashtra”   Criminal Appeal No. 362-363 of 2010  following directions have been passed  in Judgement delivered by K.S. Radhakrishnan, J, in respect of sexual abuse or assault of minor, (1) The persons in-charge of the schools/educational institutions, special homes, children homes, shelter homes, hostels, remand homes, jails etc. or wherever children are housed, if they come across instances of sexual abuse or assault on a minor child which they believe to have committed or come to know that they are being sexually molested or assaulted are directed to report those facts keeping upmost secrecy to the nearest S.J.P.U. or local police, and they, depending upon the gravity of the complaint and its genuineness, take appropriate follow up action casting no stigma to the child or
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Cyber wars: Are we legally ready to counter the attacks

By Nishant Ahlawat India as the world knows has become the centre stage for the corporate and political affairs of the globe.  Having a sneak peek into the recent happenings, it becomes much evident that India is bound to face unprecedented friction in all spheres, be it social, political, structural, financial or related to national security. When we thought it was just the direct acts of strategic terrorism from our enemies operating within and from distant lands that we are facing, the booming IT industry and everyday improvising means and modes of communication and data transfer has opened new options for attacking and challenging the very existence of the greatest democracy in the world . The use of advance means of communication in terms of GPS, Blackberry, Switchable Sim cards, remailers and VOIP as was revealed in the investigations or the follow up cyber attacks by the Pakistani Cyber Army as they hacked into the websites of Indian Institute of Remote Sensing [i] , t