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A candle march to the soul

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflectsit- Edith Wharton   “ The light from candles cannot really help in enlightening a darkened life ruined by  inhuman and devilish acts of sick  minds of  society. Whether its New Delhi , Bihar, Jharkhand ,Mumbai or any other part of this country, every time  any such  unfortunate event takes place, everything starts to seem very much repetitive. Same  media hue and cry, public outbursts, political allegations and counter allegations, it all seems like a vicious circle. Does one Candle march, few debates, strong support for stringent laws satisfy the factum of being responsible for the society and country? If you ask me, my answer is ‘No’.  We all are habitual of seeing and believing in things as media shows it to us, but the reality is far from what it seems. As I see, there are various factors that actually participate in such pseudo collective societal sensitivity acts of ours. Firstly media